Activate your Digital Wallet

The JustGo Digital Wallet offers you the ability to issue digital memberships cards, passes and e-tickets to the digital wallet of your community members. Whether you're a JustGo customer or not.

What's inside the wallet?

Our digital passes can be used in many different ways so here’s three examples to get you started.

veteran example

Membership Cards for all of your members. Showcase membership type, profile picture, public info or anything else you want.

Qualification Passes to ensure your coaches, officials and volunteers can easily provide their credentials at an event or competition.

ticket example

E-ticketing lets you issue QR code tickets with each event to allow access to ticket bookers through their smart phones. 

It's time you had

More than a membership card

Let’s take a look at five main reasons why a Digital Wallet is something you should consider for your community

Replace the plastic

No more hard copy cards to try and fit into your wallet and throw away

Impossible to lose

It’s always available to download through your JustGo system

Dynamic content

Details kept up to date through a synchronisation with your JustGo profile

Instant cost cutter

No more printing or delivery costs. Just a simple download into your Apple or Google wallet

Logistically simple

You can’t miss the print run and there’s no need to wait for the delivery. It’s always available when you need it

Veteran Membership

Your passes the way you want them

Branded for you

Brand your membership cards, passes and tickets exactly as you want them. Your logos, your colours and all the details you need. 

Keep your community qualified

Stay up to date

Sync your passes with your communities credentials and monitor a range of requirements. Make sure your coaches are qualified, your volunteers have active access passes at events and loads more. 

Coach Pass
Pass detailsv2

Don't worry about a lack of space

Display all the details

With no issues around space on a card you can now display all of the necessary details. Got a coach with certain qualifications or want to quickly see what club a member belongs to or what membership type they hold? You can display as much or as little info as you like with our digital passes. 

There's so many reasons to go digital

Here's a few more Digital Wallet Benefits

Transform Safeguarding Checks

Event ticket verification

Environmentally friendly

significant cost savings

Membership cards for all

Always available

All information in one place

No clutter

Simplistic live data checks

Dynamic content

Get your demo today

We'd love to show you how our Digital Wallet works so get in touch today and we'll arrange a demo.

Coach Pass