Membership made easy!

We offer extensive membership management software that not only hosts your data, it allows you and your members to easily engage. 

Multi-tiered and integrated

Single Customer View

All your member information in one place. See whether your members have active membership, booked onto your events, provided evidence for qualifications and much more. GoMembership has the flexibility to accommodate a member, club, region & national integrated approach offering 4 layers of information in just one single view. Membership Management made simple!

Fully Accessible and always updatable

Members can manage their own data

No need for club administrators to do all the admin. Members can login to their profile on any device and buy their membership, update their details, raise enquiries and much more. Your members will never need to repeat any data capture, as all information is stored in their profile year on year. If the basic fields aren't enough, use our field editor to create as much additional data capture as you like. Even mandate the completion if necessary!

Unrivaled flexibility

Simple Member Journey

GoMembership provides powerful membership retention functionality giving you the ability to setup auto-renewals, instalment payments and renewal reminders. Attract new members by designing the perfect user experience and selecting from a wide range of purchasing rules to restrict what your members see, or provide discounts or surcharges.

With the ability to create an unlimited number of membership types and categories, you really can create the perfect membership for everyone. 

As a fencer, I am very, very happy with it. Very professional, easy to use , looks good and you have everything on one page. Perfect.
Annemarie Sullivan
Annemarie Sullivan
Fencing Ireland
Safe and Sound

GDPR Compliant

We take GDPR seriously. Our system is fully GDPR compliant and allows for you to take further measures with enhanced password security, secure online payments and the ability to set your own email preferences that can be amended any time by the member. 

A discounting solution for every family

Family Membership

With our advanced family discounting module there is no need for a specific family membership type. Families can instead buy the same memberships as all your other members but be granted a discount simply for being a family. You can define a wide range of combinations based on age or membership type to accommodate a variety of combinations. 

user experience is key

Well Rounded Data Capture

You may have a large amount of additional data you wish to capture, but asking the member to complete it all in one go could be a deterrent. GoMembership allows you to collect the data at different stages of the journey. You can start off by including fields in the sign-up journey, then look to include additional fields in the membership purchase journey. This will break up the data collection for a well rounded experience.

easy access

Fully Reportable Member Profiles

All fields you create will be fully reportable to ensure you can access all your data at any time.