Meet your data capture requirements

With our field management feature you have the ability to create, manage and report on whatever data capture you require. 

easily accessible

Member profile fields

Take advantage of our Field Management functionality and create as many additional data capture fields as you require. Maybe you want to know your members playing experience or their shoe size. No matter the data, you can capture it in their profile. 

perfect your user experience

Create a well rounded data capture experience

You may have a large amount of additional data you wish to capture, but asking the member to complete it all in one go could be a deterrent. GoMembership allows you to collect the data at different stages of the journey. You can start off by including fields in the sign-up journey, then look to include additional fields in the membership purchase journey. This will break up the data collection for a well rounded experience. 

Get to know who's coming

Event data capture

If you have additional information you need to capture when someone is booking onto one of your events or courses, such as their emergency contact, you can make use of our Field Management feature to capture the data you need.

Gather all the club details

Club profile fields

Create additional data capture fields within the club profiles to understand further information such as facilities, training times, accessibility and more. Add these fields to the Club Affiliation journey to guarantee you capture what you need. 

safe and sound

Member health checks

Are your members healthy and ready to attend training? Collect the information from your members before they attend and if necessary, quickly load up their response on the day. 

access all areas

Fully reportable fields

All fields you create will be fully reportable to ensure you can access all your data at any time. No more requests or costs to get the information you need. 

keep it locked

Field Security

Create data capture fields and set your own security. Choose from making them visible and or editable at all levels of the structure. Even when hidden, all fields are fully reportable.