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A Checklist for Good Club Governance

A Checklist for Good Club Governance
Published on 26 September 2023

Sports governance is the foundation to a successful and well-run club. It protects the rights of your members and ensures the continued success of your club.

Good governance helps a club set clear goals, maintain strong financial and operational processes, and adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements.

It is also worth noting that certain sports governing agencies look favourably towards well-governed organisations, and this can be crucial in securing funding opportunities critical for the development of the sport.  Furthermore, any information provided could be used to differentiate between well run clubs and the facilities that they offer.

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Why is Club Governance important?

Without over-stating their importance, it is fair to say that clubs are the lifeblood of participation within most sports. They carry the responsibility of ensuring that your sport is practised safely and appropriately—within the breadth of regulations and legislation defined by your National Sporting Organisation (NSO/NGB*). Clubs are the governing body’s representative, and in some cases, the sole custodian of member information and its management.

It is evident that the strict, regular, and consistent monitoring of club governance should be practised and reported upon. It is no surprise that we are seeing national sport government agencies emphasising the importance of this topic.


Fundamentals of good sport governance

What constitutes good club governance will vary sport to sport and region to region. Listed below are some examples of information, policies and assurances that you can ask your clubs as evidence of their commitment to good governance:

  • Fundamental evidence such as club constitution, up-to-date risk assessments etc.
  • Appropriate and sufficient insurance cover is in place
  • All key club roles are filled and that each representative is suitably qualified, background checked etc.
  • All appropriate policies are in place, such as:
    • Anti-Doping
    • Code of Conduct
    • Concussion Protocol
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Discrimination, Harassment, and Abuse
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Recruitment and role of volunteers
  • Appropriate declarations are gathered for photography, social media etc.
  • Where there is incomplete access to member information, an auditable statement of number of members.


It might also be beneficial to gather insights as to the club’s:

  • Growth and development aspirations
  • Facilities currently offered and future considerations
  • Statement on why members should join their club rather than another
  • Their and their member’s view of you as their governing body
  • As but a few examples

This is not intended to be exhaustive as each sport and NSO/NGB* will have its own expectations and specific requirements, but we hope this provides a representative list to consider.

You might already gather some of this information as part of any “Club Mark” assessment program as demonstration of transparency, embracing inclusion, taking responsibility, and upholding integrity within each community. Irrespective, requesting such information can assist in ensuring a fair, thriving, and well-run sports environment for every club that benefits everyone involved.


How will you ensure good sport governance?

Having now defined what is needed, you may now be thinking that the recording and maintaining all of these requirements will be overwhelming.  However, JustGo provides a variety of configurations, means and processes to ensure that this is simple, secure and repeatable.

Understanding your governance shortcomings is the first step, and then your team can look towards addressing them.

In an upcoming content piece, we’re excited to delve deeper into how JustGo is supporting its customers to govern and safeguard their community.

In the meantime, if you’d like to understand the software better or try out a demo, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our resident expert Phil at sales@justgo.com.

*NGB→ National Governing Body (This is the alternative term of National Sports Organisation in the UK, USA and certain other regions)