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If you're responsible for keeping your community safe and qualified then you're in the right place

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What is safeguarding?

The role you play in safeguarding your community is crucial and we want to help make your job easier.

Certifying and vetting

Keeping your personnel qualified and vetted is crucial to ensuring your community is safe

Crucial stakeholders

Manage your Coaches, Officials, Staff and Volunteers in the same portal to keep track of their credentials

creating a safe sport

Understanding your governance requirements is one thing but implementing them ensures compliance

Are you thinking about the obstacles?

What challenges do you need to overcome?

Maintaining organisation with limited time

Accrediting key personnel such as coaches, officials and volunteers requires keeping track of (often) hundreds of records. Continually monitoring for certificate expiries, validating new qualifications, carrying out background checks and presenting reports to key stakeholders can be a real challenge.

Never enough hands

Managing so many stakeholders alongside their qualifications and background checks is a massive administrative burden and it often lies entirely on the shoulders of one or two personnel. Doing your job effectively may require more than just people power.

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The tools that could help with your workload

A single view of your entire community in one system.

A Credential Management solution that allows you to create any type of auditable credential. From Coaching Level 1 to a First Aid certificate, a Covid safe pass or a background check. 

Automated communications that sync with your credential issuing, expiries and renewals to save you the hassle of chasing.

An integration between your database and a Learning Management partner to auto-issue credentials following course completions.

An integration between your database and an online vetting partner to save you hours on completing background checks.

The ability to tier your credentials and set pre-requisites to determine whether they should be auto-activated, renewed or expired without the need for manual intervention.

An ability to manually approve or reject credentials where necessary.

A system that allows members full access to their own profile to upload evidence and submit credentials for approval against their own record.

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JustGo might be the solution for you

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