Manage Memberships with JustGo

JustGo empowers sports organisations like yours to seamlessly manage your community with our multifunctional membership system. Whether you manage members directly or through your regions or clubs, we have everything you need.

If you manage your community through regions and clubs, you can empower them with all the necessary tools by adopting the JustGo Affiliation Model. You can also offer extra packages to enhance their experience.

JustGo Lite

JustGo Lite is an excellent starting point for simplifying your club administration. 

With powerful Event Management and Email Communication features, clubs can effortlessly sell tickets and send personalised emails to enhance member engagement.

JustGo Essential

JustGo Essential gives all the perks of the Lite plan alongside powerful membership management features to help you create, manage and sell club memberships online.

Whether you collect data or use JustGo’s powerful automation— it’s here to help you do your job better!

JustGo Pro

With all the perks of the Lite and Essential plans, JustGo Pro offers a tailored membership journey, enhancing retention and growth.

Clubs can create a stunning, branded website for promotions, streamline membership management, simplify event bookings with flexible features for waitlists, discounts, and lots more!

Digital Membership

Digitise at your own pace

Having collaborated with over 100 organisations, we’ve successfully worked with sports entities of diverse sizes and complexities, each at different points in their digital transformation journey.

Whether you’re just beginning to use a membership system, or are switching over from another, we’re happy to meet you where you are.

Unparalleled Configurability

Whether you want to opt for specific features or embrace the entire ecosystem, JustGo offers full configurability to align with your unique requirements. Our highly versatile API seamlessly connects with any third-party software in your toolkit, bringing everything together for a seamless administrative experience.

Manage Your Memberships With Club Affiliation​

A single, shared system

Get full visibility of your club and members’ activities to standardise and streamline the way they work. Manage clubs, events and communications across all your clubs, all within one system.

Seamless single-point payments

Unify your clubs and National Governing Body (NGB) by collecting fees at once. JustGo will split the payment between each respective party automatically, saving your members the hassle of multiple transactions!

online payment

Here's to happier members

By overseeing all your clubs, you have the power to ensure the safety, quality and governance your members deserve. Monitor coaches, ensure club constitution or share an event calendar — you’re now set to deliver the best possible member experience!