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JustGo Introduces Day Pass [+7 Bonus Use Cases]

JustGo Introduces Day Pass [+7 Bonus Use Cases]
Published on 31 July 2023

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) frequently encounter the need to offer limited period access to their services for taster sessions, event participation, or visitor access. We are thrilled to announce that JustGo can now seamlessly support this requirement through our Day Pass feature.

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Introduction to the Day Pass Feature

A day pass (alternatively known as day membership) is a great way to encourage non-members to access or participate in a sport/event for a limited period of time. As a National Governing Body (NGB) or club looking to expand its member base by offering a trial membership, or simply accommodate competitors to your area, a day pass is the perfect solution that seamlessly integrates with your membership system.

In short, a day pass is a fantastic option for allowing folks to enjoy all the perks of your events or facilities without the long-term commitment of a full membership.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be limited to one day, so for multi-day events or week-long trials, the “day” pass is perfect. 

JustGo released the Day Pass feature in April 2023 and we’ve already seen customers embracing the new feature.

Use Cases of Day Pass in Sports Organisations

Let’s explore some exciting use cases demonstrating the versatility and impact of day passes in sports organisations.

1. Trial Membership: A day pass (or day membership) is the perfect way to give potential members a taste of your services. Offering a day pass for a short trial of your sport can give individuals access to your top-notch equipment, insurance coverage, thrilling events, and more. This enticing experience can help you convert them into long-term, committed members of your organisation. 

Even if they don’t join as members right away, their positive encounter with your services can transform them into enthusiastic advocates who spread the word about your incredible offerings. This is the start of the journey and beginning of your engagement to encourage full membership. 

2. Single Day Upgrade: Day passes can be utilised to offer single-day upgrades for special events or competitions. For instance, a racing National Governing Body (NGB) offers three tiers of membership—Community Member, Occasional Racer, and Pro Racer. The Pro Racer membership has better benefits and facilities than the other tiers. 

Using a day pass, the NGB can offer its members a single-day upgrade to the Pro Racer membership, so that members can enjoy the benefits of higher-tier membership during event days. 

3. Participating Non-Members: Competition events are rarely only available to members, but instead attract competitors from other areas or nations. However, to participate, many event organisers require those non-members to pay a premium to attend the event to cover the increase in costs associated with hosting participating visitors (e.g. insurance etc.).  

Rather than insisting that all participants are members, you can insist on a Day Pass to be added to the event booking which covers that participant for the duration of that event.

4. Visitor Access: Day passes can be used to grant non-participating visitors access to your sporting facilities. One of our rowing NGBs requires an active membership for access to its training or gym area. 

Occasionally, members bring guests or friends along to join in on the fun. In this scenario, day passes enable these visitors to enter the gym and enjoy themselves as spectators. This approach not only fosters inclusivity but also expands the reach of your organisation.

5. Extended Duration: Day passes can extend beyond a single day and provide flexibility in duration. It could last for the duration of a specific event, or even cater to individual preferences set by your administrators

Traditionally, day passes might be tied to the default season or purchase date, limiting options for customisation. Thanks to JustGo, visitors have the power to handpick the start date of their day pass based on their personal preferences. Whether they want it to align with a special event, a specific timeframe, or simply to suit their busy schedule, JustGo allows them the freedom to enjoy sporting activities whenever it suits them best. 

6. Community Engagement: You could use day passes as a means to engage with the local community. When campaigning for your sport, a day pass can be offered to schools, community centres, or nonprofit organisations for special events or educational programs. 

As an outreach tool, this could let potential members explore and experience your facilities. It’s an excellent opportunity for individuals in the community to get a firsthand taste of your services and vibrant atmosphere.

This direct interaction with the community opens doors to discovering and nurturing potential talent that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Plus, this may help spread the word about your organisation’s reputation as an inclusive and community-focused establishment!

7. Upselling to Membership: By providing a day pass experience, you can craft a personalised member experience to showcase the benefits of becoming a full-fledged member. It’s a great opportunity to immerse visitors into your organisation and community. 

During the visit, your officials can highlight the advantages of long-term membership, such as access to additional amenities, exclusive courses, personalised training, or discounts on services—thus demonstrating the value and return on investment that comes with committing to your organisation.

This targeted and personalised experience increases the likelihood of day pass users taking that exciting step forward to become dedicated, long-term members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Day Pass

As you introduce the exciting Day Pass feature to your members, you may encounter a few frequently asked questions along the way. Here are some possible responses to help you navigate these queries:

1. How much does a Day Pass cost?

The pricing of a day pass can be set by the National Governing Body (NGB) or organisation. It is independent of your current membership offerings. By assessing these factors, you can determine a fair and enticing price for your day passes, ensuring they align with the value they provide.

2. How long is a Day Pass valid for?

While the term “Day Pass” might imply validity for just one day, the beauty of this feature is its flexibility. You have the power to set a certain number of days for a day pass to remain valid. This allows your members to make the most of their experience and engage with your organisation for an extended period. To offer even more flexibility, your members can select the specific date they want their pass activated, catering to their individual needs and schedules.

3. Who can purchase a Day Pass?

A day pass is ideal for visiting members of your community who want to explore your organisation’s offerings, or for individuals seeking a trial experience with your organisation. It can also be offered to non-members who wish to participate in your events or access specific facilities. 

As the administrator, you have full control and flexibility in determining who can purchase a day pass. You can tailor it to your specific target audience, ensuring it aligns with your organisation’s goals and objectives. The possibilities are limitless!

4. Is there a cost to NGBs looking to utilise this new feature?

Day passes were suggested as an enhancement from existing customers, prompting JustGo to recognize their value and incorporate them into the core platform. As a JustGo customer, you won’t incur any additional costs to using this feature. 

By harnessing the potential of day passes, your sports organisation can unlock incredible opportunities for growth, engagement, and community outreach. Whether it’s enticing potential members, offering upgrades for special events, or providing flexible membership options, day passes are a game-changing tool for any organisation. 

If you’re an existing customer of JustGo, make sure to reach out to support@justgo.com for any assistance you may need to offer a day pass to your members.

Have inquiries about the Day Pass or interested in exploring more about JustGo’s membership management system? Get in touch with our community experts by clicking the button below!