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International Taekwon-Do Federation of New Zealand kicks it up a notch with JustGo

Published on 5 June 2024
International Taekwon-Do Federation of New Zealand kicks it up a notch with JustGo

We are delighted to announce that the International Taekwon-Do Federation of New Zealand (ITFNZ) has become our 102nd  National Governing Body (NGB) customer. We wholeheartedly welcome them into the growing community of JustGo customers from down under!

Taekwon-Do, the world’s most popular martial art, is a Korean discipline practiced by athletes of all ages and abilities. The term “Tae” refers to jumping or kicking with the foot, “Kwon” means punching with the hand or fist, and “Do” signifies art or way. Taekwon-Do teaches essential physical, ethical, and social skills, and we are thrilled to streamline its membership management through JustGo, making it more accessible and rewarding for all practitioners.

The International Taekwon-Do Federation of New Zealand has impressively managed its memberships via an internal database for over two decades. Now, ready to modernise its processes and streamline administrative tasks, the NGB has decided to switch its platform to JustGo.

Its Board Chair Sheryl Chase emphasised the significance of this transition, stating,

“This is probably the most important, fundamental change in the administration of the Art. A key strategic focus is modernising our administration systems and processes.”

The martial arts organisation is keen to advance its sport and integrate its business ecosystem with JustGo modules. This includes leveraging JustGo’s Learning Management System adapter to enhance training and educational resources, utilising the vetting adapter to ensure thorough background checks, and adopting the finance adapter for making payments much more efficient

The organisation will also use JustGo’s member and official finders to improve connectivity and communication within its community. Moreover, it has chosen to implement JustGo for Clubs in 56 of its clubs, creating a truly cohesive and efficient system across the sport.

ITFNZ’s CEO Alex Hayton commented,

“The JustGo platform will provide an enhanced, modern user experience for students, instructors, and administrators. There will be efficiencies in processes and administration to all users’ benefit.”   

Phil Robinson, Commercial Director of JustGo, shared, “International Taekwon-Do Federation of New Zealand is one of the most forward-thinking, joined up organisations that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their commitment to seamlessly integrating their business ecosystem is truly commendable. With ITFNZ’s visionary approach and JustGo’s capabilities, I’m confident that JustGo will surpass expectations in improving overall operational efficiency and enhancing the member experience.”

To know more about ITFNZ, click here.

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