Club+ simply put, is club administration software that allows you to collect and store member data, sell memberships and club merchandise, setup an events calendar and sell tickets or collect attendance and build your own club website (so no need to pay for a separate one anymore). You can also personalise automated communications or send direct messages to your members.

Club+ is designed with the sole intention to make your life as a club administrator easier and more efficient. You can take membership payments, run events, sell tickets, share documents and send emails,and manage your website all from one place. Club+ also allows your members to manage their own profile, so they can keep all their details up to date, as well as pay their club fees. This means higher member retention, less chasing fees and no more paperwork or postage costs.

Standalone Club+ allows you as a club to have a completely private and 'standalone' system. GoMembership also offers a national level system usually adopted by national governing bodies (NGB). This is what we refer to as integrated. If you national governing body is a GoMembership customer then you probably already have your own member login and maybe a club profile. An integrated version of Club+ simply opens up additional features from within this existing profile for the purpose of managing your own clubs administration. The main differences with being integrated with your NGB is that Club+ is heavily discounted for your club and may provide an option for you to automatically link your club membership and the NGB membership together in one transaction which improves the members purchasing experience. 

If you are searching for functionality that Club+ doesn't have yet we would love to hear about it. We are continually developing Club+ as we understand more and more about what clubs from all around the world require. This means we already have a real depth of functionality that you will definitely benefit from immediately and it wont be long before Club+ is developed to meet your every need. 

GoMembership is the name of the overall system you are using. The full system is designed for national associations with many different departments and focuses. Most clubs do not need this breadth of functionality so we have created Club+ which is the perfect (slightly) reduced version of the system that provides all the functionality a club needs. 

The commitment is only for as long as you choose but the fee is non-refundable. If you sign-up to a monthly contract your subscription will continue for as long as you make the monthly payments. You can cancel at any time and your Club+ access will only expire at the end of the current contracted period.

Club+ is paid for in advance of you being given access. As this is a subscription service, you will be charged every month, quarter or year on the same day as your first payment.

Club+ is non-refundable so if you are unsure about committing long term then we suggest you subscribe on a monthly basis initially as you can cancel any time and will retain your access until the end of that contracted period.

Yes, quarterly subscriptions provide one-month discount over the course of a year, whilst annual subscriptions provide a two-month discount over the course of a year. This is a saving when compared to a monthly subscription.

Yes, your member profiles are inherited from the governing body platform so any club member details are visible to them. This means no more having to send updated member details to them by email or in the post.

Club+ has a 'Getting Started' section which will guide you in the first instance but we also have a resource centre in which we host a number of tutorial videos to help you with each section of your profile. We also have a dedicated support team who will be happy to help if you're still experiencing any difficulties.

No, all information and configuration is retained so that should you wish to utilise Club+ in future you start from where you left off.

You always have access to your data via the variety of reports that Club+ provides you so you can easily extract all of your data before you leave.