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British Aerobatics flies into the JustGo Community

British Aerobatics flies into the JustGo Community
Published on 18 May 2023

British Aerobatics, the national governing body of sport aerobatics, just flew into the JustGo community. Its mission revolves around the organisation, training, competing and promotion of safe aerobatic flying. 

It encompasses a wide spectrum of exhilarating flying activities, from the precision of competition aerobatics to the thrill of individual pilots pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the air. 

To assist its members in mastering spins, loops and rolls in the skies, British Aerobatics facilitates various training programs, aerobatic coaching, international and domestic competitions, and more. It welcomes participants of all backgrounds, from enthusiastic beginners to seasoned competitive pilots.

Aerobatics is a formidable sport, demanding unwavering physical and mental focus while soaring through the skies. In such a challenging pursuit, effective administration and management are paramount—goals that JustGo aims to achieve by propelling their member management to new heights!

British Aerobatics is now set to enhance their member experience by integrating JustGo’s membership management features. In addition to this, they will harness the Events module to seamlessly promote exciting events and competitions. 

Its current and prospective members can also explore and experience the full calendar of activities with the Event Finder, enabling them to easily discover aerobatic events directly from the British Aerobatics website. 

David Nichols, Marketing Director of British Aerobatics, shared, “We are delighted to be working with JustGo – a proven platform that can help us achieve our goals and improve the experience we offer our members.” 

Phil Robinson, Commercial Director of JustGo, remarked, “It’s inspiring to witness how the team at British Aerobatics celebrates the joy of flying in all 3 dimensions. We are excited about extending our support to their current members and assisting them in connecting with a wider audience of aerobatics enthusiasts, spectators and future competitors.”

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