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‘’Safeguard Your Community’’ - JustGo launches global safeguarding campaign

Published on 27 April 2024
Safeguard your community

“Safeguarding is everyone’s business” – JustGo Launches Global Safeguarding Campaign to help address the issues faced by national sports governing bodies and clubs globally.

The campaign, called ‘’Safeguard your community,” addresses the major safeguarding failings in the sporting world. Qualification management, complaints handling and case management, as well as learning and development programs for all coaches, staff and officials can all be recognised as part of JustGo’s commitment to safeguarding.

The sporting world has seen a rise in allegations of harm and abuse across multiple sporting disciplines. National Sports Governing Bodies must do better to make their sport a safe place, and put preventions in place to ensure that the welfare and wellbeing of children and athletes is a top priority.

Fatimah Behagg, Head of Marketing at JustGo, shared, ‘’The safeguarding failings within the sports community highlight how vital it is that we work together as a collective to proactively address areas where our communities are most vulnerable, create knowledge hubs and information sharing opportunities, in addition to technology solutions that protect our sporting communities now and in the future.’’ 

The goal of the campaign is to highlight challenges faced in the sports world when it comes to safeguarding, and address ways in which we can solve for this as a community.

The campaign will help those in the sports world to take control of their safeguarding, maintain compliance and protect their communities. It will feature global leadership perspectives both at the Sports Governing Body level, and also at a local level, with contributions from local sports clubs around the world. 

Everyone deserves to play and participate in sports in a safe environment. 

David Pring, CEO of JustGo, stated, ‘’As a global membership management company with safeguarding as one of our core pillars, we understand the importance of providing secure solutions that align to industry initiatives, and serve as a solid foundation for safeguarding.’’

About JustGo

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For any questions or enquiries about the Global Safeguarding Campaign, please get in touch with Fatimah Behagg, Head of Marketing at JustGo.