No effort, all the reward

GoMembership Rewards Ireland

Increase your revenue whilst reducing your members costs. Save your members money on their Groceries, restaurant visits, sports equipment and days out, we've got the lot!

teamwork makes the dreamwork

Introducing Membership Plus

We've teamed up with membership Plus to bring our Irish community thousands of fantastic savings across Ireland. 

Money for nothing

A hassle free revenue share

GoMembership Rewards Ireland allows you to benefit from a percentage of each member enrolment onto the scheme and you don't have to do anything for it. We simply activate the rewards scheme in your GoMembership platform and as members make purchases to save themselves money, you see your revenue increase. It's a win all round.

everything you could want

Over 1700 offers and discounts

It's time to start benefitting from massive discounts at some of your favourite online and high street retailers across Ireland.

remove the obstacles

Simple member signup

Members can signup to the scheme simply by adding the card to their cart alongside their membership purchase. If they've already renewed, they can simply visit the Rewards Card tile in your system. With the systems reporting capability you will easily be able to identify who's in and who will be in soon

simply enquire

Easy Activation

As the owner of your membership system, all you need to do, is contact our Service Desk team and we'll have the GoMembership Rewards scheme activated in under 24 hours. It really is that simple.  

easy access

Dedicated mobile app and rewards portal

Making use of your discounts couldn't be easier. Simply login to the GoMembership Rewards portal on your mobile phone or computer and select the discount that's right for you.

recoup the cost almost instantly

A very low cost benefit

There is a small annual enrolment fee of £9.60 (NI) or €9.60 (ROI) for each member that can be recouped in no time simply by picking up your weekly groceries at the supermarket. This means you can make plenty of big savings throughout the year at no extra cost. 

Count me in

I'm a member and I want to benefit

Signing up is simple if your membership organisation is participating. All you need to do is login to your membership organisations' GoMembership system and through your profile there is a Rewards tile in the Menu. You will also be able to select the rewards card as part of your membership purchase.

Sport and Fitness Discounts

Whether it's getting active or getting the gear to get you started, it's time to reduce the cost and increase your fitness. 

Eating out couldn't be easier

Restaurant Discounts

Take advantage of some of the best restaurants for dining in, fast food, take-out and even fine dining.

Hotels & Travel Offers

We all love to make savings on our holidays. Save on accommodation, car parking, healthcare and more.

Many many more