What is a Membership Management System?

A Membership Management System is an all-in-one administration solution for managing your member’s information, memberships, and more. A sophisticated solution will have the capability to create online event registrations, including training courses, competitions, or simple social events. You will be able to send invoices and collect payments online and automatically, and you’ll have the option to create and send newsletters and daily communications to your community. With the right solution at your fingertips, you may even be able to create a professional and simple-to-use website, which could save you money elsewhere.

Membership Management Systems are like the Swiss Army knives of software; they have a little bit of everything. If you’ve made the bold choice to adopt one of these systems, you should find yourself saving time and money already. You’ll now have the ability to automate administrative tasks you were doing manually before, and what could be better than that? On top of the obvious benefits, you'll also be offering a better service to your members. With the right system, all of your data is stored in one location, providing you with a single view of your community to reduce errors and ensure you do not repeat any work. No more collecting the same data every year!

Sounds too good to be true for an affordable price, right? Not with GoMembership. The easy-to-use, low-cost solution will help you simplify and streamline your membership administration so you can get back to what you love.

Membership Management

GoMembership supports a single or multi-tiered approach that integrates your member, club, region, and national association requirements into one single unified system. It easily integrates with your website, allowing you to create a seamless membership purchase journey, and provides a level of automation that will get you off the computer and back to what you love quicker than ever before.

The customer journey is configurable by you. You can include automatic renewals, smart rules, strategically placed data capture, and instant communications to ensure your members know exactly what they are doing and when. Nothing will keep your members happier than a simple well understood experience.

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So what are you waiting for? Find out more about the fantastic features and benefits of our simple to use GoMembership platform here.                            

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How can you add value to your membership?

09 September 2021

GoMembership Rewards can help you elevate your offering to your members by providing a tangible benefit that could see your members save considerably more than the cost of their membership.