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The fantastic four go-live with GoMembership

It’s been a busy 2020 for the team here who have recently seen four more National Governing Body customers go live with GoMembership.

We are delighted to announce that British Caving Association, British Dragon Boat Racing Association, Scottish Disability Sport and Fencing Ireland are all now live and making good use of the latest membership administration software and functionality that GoMembership has to offer. All four organisations have been looking for a solution that can simplify the way they work and increase their efficiency through introducing more automation into their customer journeys.

Annemarie Sullivan of Fencing Ireland highlighted the benefit of simplicity for her members by telling us, “As a fencer, I am very, very happy with it. Very professional, easy to use, looks good and you have everything on one page. Perfect.”

Alongside working with these fantastic organisations, we have busy updating our software to continue our work towards becoming a fully self-configurable system and our customers are full of praise for what they are experiencing.

Tim Smith of the British Dragon Boat Racing Association told us, “The new system has already massively improved the time and effort it takes to setup and process member and club applications. It will help us to communicate with people in our sport in a much more effective way, and collect data to help us improve how our sport is governed.”

Here's just a couple of the latest features that GoMembership has to offer!

Email Management

NGBs and clubs can now take full control of the automated system emails, meaning no more manual chasing your members to renew.  Members will no longer forget to update their qualifications with our expiry reminders and no matter the membership type, there is a personalised message relevant to each and every member.

Field Management

Enhanced data capture to ensure you are collecting as much relevant information about your members as you need. Add fields anytime, make them view only if necessary and if they’re mandatory, then add them to the sign-up or membership purchase journey.

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