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Surfing Australia go live with GoMembership

We’re thrilled to announce that Surfing Australia is now live with GoMembership and is benefitting from our time saving software.

Surfing Australia required a multi-tiered solution to support all levels of the Surfing landscape in Australia. At the National and State level, they will make full use of the membership, event and communication tools on offer to deliver a seamless user experience.

The Board Rider Clubs and Surf Schools in Australia will benefit from the take-up of Club+ which will allow them to make full use of the system features. Club+ offers the option to integrate their club membership with that of the State and NSO to allow the member to make one single purchase for all their membership needs. Club+ will also ensure their administration effort is reduced whilst their member data is securely stored and easily accessible at all times.

Surfing underpins an important part of the Australian coastal fabric. It forms part of a lifestyle in which millions participate with a mystique in which millions more have a documented interest. Since its formation in 1963 SA has taken a strategic approach towards the development of the sport. The framework and structure created has allowed surfing to grow both as a sport and as a lifestyle pursuit into the new millennium.

Now with a membership of almost 20,000 and close to 400 board rider clubs and surf schools across Australia, SA took the decision to upgrade their membership and events software with GoMembership in order to help them reach the next stage in the evolution of Surfing in Australia.

The multi-tiered linking of membership and enhanced event ticketing software in the GoMembership system will play a pivotal role in ensuring Surfing Australia and their States can maximise member retention rates and manage event bookings by simplifying the members experience and automating certain renewals and communications.

David Pring, GoMembership CEO said, “We are so pleased to have Surfing Australia live with us after what has been an exciting project to work on. Together we have integrated a multi-teared NSO, State and Club approach that will simplify the member experience, introduce a new level of automation and reduce the administration effort at all levels. During the project, with enhancement recommendations from the Surfing Australia team, we have also developed new event functionality and introduced new purchasing rules and features into the system that all customers will now benefit from. It’s been a pleasure working with the team”.

Sam White, Chief of Finance & Operations at Surfing Australia said, “Surfing Australia and our State Associations rely on dedicated volunteers from our affiliated clubs and surf schools who invest their time to grow the sport of surfing. The implementation of GoMemberships within our network of clubs and schools has vastly reduced administration time, allowing our volunteers and coaches to spend more time developing our sport and supporting the surfing community.”

“The implementation team at Azolve have been dedicated to the successful roll out of GoMemberships for Surfing Australia and have supported us to meet the everyday needs of our surfing community. Initial feedback has been positive, and we are excited to grow our sport with the support of Azolve and GoMemberships”.

For more information about Surfing Australia and the fantastic work they are doing, please visit their website here.

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