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National Small-bore Rifle Association go live with GoMembership

We’re delighted to announce that the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA) is now live with GoMembership and is benefitting from our time saving software.

The NSRA took the far-reaching strategic decision to form a partnership with GoMembership to implement an online membership system which will deliver a much-improved service to clubs and individual members, as well as a streamlined and efficient administration platform.

Through the NSRA website, members will be able to easily access the Membership portal to join or renew their membership, manage their personal data, make online payments via direct debit or credit/debit card, maintain records of qualifications and credentials, as well as book onto NSRA courses, events and more.

GoMembership provides a powerful, multi-level, administrative toolkit that helps different level users manage their personal profiles, clubs, or other specialised areas. Club administration access enables a user to manage their club’s profile, add/remove/approve members to the club, renew memberships on behalf of members, add and approve qualifications for members and much more.

In due course a key component of the GoMembership system for the NSRA will be the course and event management software. This will enable individual members to enter competitions online, access all the information they require and update records as and when needed.

David Pring, GoMembership CEO says, “We are delighted to see the NSRA go live. GoMembership will help them take their membership admin to the next level by saving them time on administration and improving their members’ experience.”

Mike Arnstein, NSRA member, Club, County & Regional Secretary says, “I was privileged to be the first user of the GoMembership system and it has been so simple and quick compared to the previous methods of affiliation. I believe that the biggest benefit will be that you are now in control of your own data and information and can keep this up to date on an ongoing basis. The payment process is very smooth and I have already seen great time savings with the affiliations I manage, since you do not have to re-enter the same data year after year.”

For more information about the National Small-bore Rifle Association and the fantastic work they are doing, please visit their website here.

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