A moment of membership with Mark Higson of Archery Ireland

Volunteer Treasurer, Mark Higson, shares his insight into the challenges of working in a volunteer led Membership organisation, including the impact of COVID-19, and highlights the fantastic work Archery Ireland are doing to overcome these challenges. 

A moment of membership with Mark Higson of Archery Ireland
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What's it like working in Membership?

I have been with Archery Ireland for seven years now and it certainly has it's moments, I find it very fulfilling. As a volunteer led organisation we are continually looking for ways to improve our efficiencies as we have limited time to spend on the day to day tasks.

How important is membership to Archery Ireland?

Membership is very important to the association, it would not exist without our members. It helps to fund projects such as the use of GoMembership which has played a vital role in helping us to understand the needs of our members and how our membership is made up.

How has the global pandemic effected member numbers?

Individual Membership numbers are down approximately 35% this year, and club membership around 20%

How are you responding to the challenge?

It has been very difficult, COVID regulations have given us new challenges to think about. Most of our clubs have been shut due to lack of indoor facilities but we have been working to improve the quality of our data and simplify our administrative efforts through GoMembership.

Before COVID-19 what were your main challenges?

Retention of members year on year and keeping the membership happy and well informed were (and are) the main challenges we face.

How are you working towards overcoming these challenges?

We are looking at a new 5 year plan to take us forward and we are canvassing the membership to see what they want from certain areas of the association. We are putting more effort into communications and hopefully with keeping the membership more informed with our actions we will retain more members and attract new ones going forward.

What have been the main benefits of working with GoMembership

GoMembership gives us a unified platform to manage memberships, renewals processes and communications. This has improved our efficiencies and has freed up time to spend on improving the membership experience for our members.

Want to know more about Archery Ireland and the fantastic work they are doing to continue the growth and development of Archery across Ireland? Visit their website here

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