Know your numbers with our easy analytics

We have a wide range of reporting opportunities in GoMembership allowing you to filter and search against all available data fields and get to know your numbers better.

Know who's coming

Live event booking reports

Keep track of all your event bookings. Who's booked on to which event, what membership type does the member hold, have they completed the additional data requirements before attending the event.

Always get what you need

Data exports

All of your data, any time and any place. We have a number of reports that allow you to pull out any data you want any time. Otherwise, learn how to create and publish your own reports. You should never have to ask us to access your own data. 

take a deep dive

In-depth Financial Reporting

Keeping a track of your finances is crucial, so our advanced payment reconciliations, finance area and reporting capability will make sure you're always on top of your numbers.