Events, Courses and Coaching

With our events feature you can create a variety of event types. Whether it's a major sporting event, a certified training course or simply a social gathering, we've got you covered.

From Major Events to Coaching Courses

Create event types of any kind

GoMembership provides an all-inclusive Event & Course Management offering. This can be used to promote and take bookings for social events, regular classes, training participation, AGM attendance, leagues, course bookings, competitions, major events and more

Nobody has to miss out

Benefit from event waitlists

Setup event waitlists for pre-event bookings to easily notify bookers when tickets go on sale. Or create a waitlist for when events become fully booked. You can use your waitlist to reserve spaces, notify of newly available spaces or even move bookers onto a new event so they're first in-line next time round.  

Simple Automation

Issue qualifications for passed courses

You can easily select from your pre-created qualifications or credentials to decide what will be issued upon successful completion of a course. Excellent for coaching qualifications. Saves you time and effort updating each members profile individually, as well as having to remember to do so. 

Make it a priority

Get people talking about your events

Make events public in our Events and Courses finder so anyone using GoMembership can find them. Feature priority events to ensure they get booked up quickly. 

Awareness sells

Add products to the ticket purchase journey

Don't just sell an event ticket. Up-sell additional products like storage space, equipment or insurance, as part of your ticket purchase journey. It's as simple as saying yes for the member.

The more the merrier

Unlimited events and ticket types

Create as many events and ticket types as you need. Apply purchasing restrictions to your tickets so only the relevant tickets are displayed. Want to still show a ticket that is not purchasable? Then leave a description so the member knows why. 

Get in front of the spotlight

Feature selected events

Events can be easily categorised, filtered and booked by your members. If you have a special event you're promoting, feature it and get it seen by everyone. 

Now it's hard to miss

Hit your sales targets

With the ability to feature your events, share them with your members and make them public, it's easy to reach your targets.