Automate to Communicate!

Fed up of emailing and chasing your members to renew? Let GoMembership do it for you with its extensive range of editable auto-emails. 

No more chasing payments

Automated Expiry Reminders

GoMembership offers a large number of automated membership expiry reminders including pre and post expiry. It means no more manually chasing your members to renew. 

Let's get personal

Personalise your automated communications

With a vast number of auto emails covering almost all features in the GoMembership system you can personalise almost any kind of email communication. You can set individual membership types up with their own unique 'on purchase' messaging. Maybe you have a specific message for when a member uploads a coaching qualification. Whatever the scenario, you can guarantee we've got it covered. 

Stop wasting time

Email Management is a time saver

How many hours have you spent chasing for membership renewals, confirming event dates or requesting certification data from your members? With our Email Management feature, all of that manual effort is a thing of the past.

pick a group

Segment your Messaging

We don't always want to email everyone at once, so GoMembership offers you the ability to select just the members you want to communicate with and contact them directly. Of course, if you still want to contact them all, you can do that too.

Never miss a member

Get new member alerts

Get notified when a new member signs up. As well as being able to define automated welcome emails, you can also contact them directly for a more personal welcome.