Club Administration

Club and Team administrators have the flexibility to do whatever they need for their members. Update info, buy memberships or assign roles within the club, GoMembership has it all.

step into the future

Get rid of your old paperwork

Stop handing out paper forms and collecting the same information year on year. With GoMembership, you can collect it once or let your members add it themselves. With simple member access, they can keep their information up to date without providing it again and again. 

Get it done quickly

Bulk renew your members

If you've already collected payments for your members, you can easily renew their memberships in bulk through the club profile. No need to update their memberships one at a time. 

Create something classy

Club Websites

Use our website builder to create a fully branded mobile optimised member experience. Produce an engaging website of multiple pages with all the information, club imagery and membership information your members need. Only available with Club+.

Get a helping hand

Assign Multiple Admins

Don't take on the administration alone. Whilst GoMembership removes most of the burden for you, you can share the setup with other administrators and make your life even easier.  

the benefits of integration

Split payments with the governing body

With our Club+ functionality you can sell your own club memberships alongside the governing body meaning a simple integrated user journey for your members. This allows split payments with the governing body so no need to wait for your revenue. Only available with Club+.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Create team rosters

Split your members out into their teams, assign team roles and grant team admin access to the captains. 

don't even lift a finger

Let members manage their own data

Your members have the option to login and manage all of their own information so you don't even have to lift a finger. You can sit back and watch the memberships roll in.