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Each GoMembership customer has their own environment. You must first visit the login screen of their environment. Every customer is different so the to login for the first time you will either need your email address, username or member ID. If you enter one of these into the login box and click forgot password, you will receive an email of which you simply need to follow the instructions. 

You must visit the login page of your club or associations system, enter your email address, username, or member ID into the login box and click forgot password. If you are still having trouble, please contact your club or association directly as they will be able to support you. 

GoMembership is a sophisticated and extensive configurable standard platform built over years of working with national, regional and local organisations across multiple industries. We are experts in understanding the requirements of membership organisations and have developed GoMembership and Club+ to cater for almost any organisation of any size without the need to customise. We regularly update and enhance our core offering to ensure that every customer can benefit from the latest features and functionality we develop. We often make enhancements based on new customers requirements and because of this we have an actively engaged community who all benefit from each others knowledge and requirements.

If you are looking for a fully customised system built specifically for your needs we would be very happy to talk you out of it, just get in touch. 

GoMembership is designed with the sole intention to make your administration life easier and more efficient, no matter the size of your organisation. GoMembership allows you to collect and store member and club data, take membership payments, run events, sell tickets, share documents, stay on top of your coaches with our credentials and qualifications feature and send direct communications to one or all of your members. Members and Regional administrators and club administrators have access to their own profiles from which they can keep all their personal, members or club details up to date, as well as make sure their club has paid it's affiliation and renewed all of its members. This means higher member retention, less manual chasing and more time saved for every level of your community. There is a lot more that GoMembership can do so get in touch and we'd love to provide you with a demo. 

No, GoMembership is for any group, club, organisation or association that has members.
Yes, GoMembership can still help you streamline your admin and save valuable time and effort. If the GoMembership product seems too large, take a look at Club+, it's not only suitable for clubs.

Pricing varies depending on the type of organisation you are; if you can provide some info on our Sales Enquiry Form (type of organisation, number of active members etc), we will be able to provide pricing details.

Yes, although GoMembership includes membership, events, online payments, communications, data capture and more as standard, other modules are available which expand the solution. If you have specifics in mind, make sure you leave a comment on the Sales Enquiry Form.
Yes, we use your branding and imagery to create a recognisable and consistent login page for you.
We fully recognise the responsibility we have to provide a secure environment for our customers' data and understand the sensitivity of the personal information held. We have achieved the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard certification globally, and our robust and secure infrastructure aims to offer the highest level of data security, performance, resilience, disaster recovery and cyber-attack prevention.
GoMembership supports Credit/Debit cards, and Direct Debit/SEPA.
If you fill out the Sales Enquiry Form and leave a comment in the comments field. We can also give you a call back for an informal chat if you leave us your phone number. 

If you are an existing customer and want to log a support case you can simply email

When you become a customer, you will receive your login details to the Service Desk with URL and user instructions.

Simply email

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Been through the GoMembership website and still have more questions or really want a demonstration of our functionality. That's not a problem for us, simply complete the Sales Enquiry Form and we'll be very happy to get in touch to answer all of your questions.