About us

Introducing GoMembership

GoMembership is a cloud based application software provider, born out of streamlining business processes and specialising in sport and membership administration. Our team, led by founder and CEO David Pring, have been solving customers' process and administration issues since 2002.

Working with a diverse range of sports governing bodies and membership organisations over recent years, has given us the insight, incentive and experience to develop a robust, cutting-edge, flexible, powerful membership management solution.

Since its launch in 2016, GoMembership has seen 1.7m+ members, 42k+ clubs, and 460k+ event tickets sold through it's platforms. This has come from the fast growing network of National Sporting Organisations and Membership Organisations worldwide that are taking advantage of the continually improving software solution we offer.

Here are some of the fantastic organisations in the GoMembership Community