Introducing our new Dhaka office

Dhaka office

office video Introducing our new Dhaka office Brace yourselves for the ultimate workspace experience, folks. Join us on a walk-through of the office of the future, or dare we call it, the ultimate work-play space! We’re super excited to introduce you to our beautiful office in the bustling heart of Dhaka city. At JustGo, we’re […]

Modernising Membership Cards With JustGo Digital Wallet

JustGo Digital Wallet

Justgo insights Modernising Membership Cards With the JustGo Digital Wallet Published on 15 December 2022 Membership cards are an excellent way to instil a sense of belonging in your community. We’ve all used and loved customised membership cards to verify our identity, display our membership type and validity, and to carry vital information, such as […]

Introduction to managing a safe & qualified community this October

Community safeguarding

This October, we’ll be diving into the best safeguarding practices via blogs, case studies, interviews with sports industry professionals and we’ll be hosting webinars to help ensure that you’re on top of creating and maintaining a safe sporting experience for all.

GoMembership Rebranded to JustGo

The admin is done JustGo have fun

What’s New with JustGo The time has come to JustGo 15 December 2021 GoMembership has rebranded to JustGo. We have officially changed our name and branding.    Membership Management is about so much more than just an administration system for your members because it encompasses many functions within your organisation and many stakeholders within your […]