Some exciting news to share at JustGo

JustGo has been acquired by the music distributor TuneCore, and we will be closing our site effective October 5 and rebranding as TuneCore Social.

With JustGo, our mission has always been to help emerging musicians grow their fan base and get their music heard around the world. TuneCore strives to do exactly that through its vast portfolio of artist services, and together we can achieve that shared mission on a much larger scale now with TuneCore Social.

TuneCore Social will operate as a free service available to any TuneCore artist with an active distribution. If you're a musician, and you wish to continue using JustGo, please create a free TuneCore account and distribute your music. If you're already a TuneCore artist, you can activate TuneCore Social at any time.

We're excited about this partnership, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us with TuneCore.

Thanks for using JustGo, and we hope to continue our relationship as we move forward.

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